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Hey folks, we finally went live with Podhead on Monday, July 23rd and the response so far has been heartening. Thank you, for all the amazing feedback and words of encouragement. Our missions of spreading awareness about podcasting is a daunting one, but we’re game.

With that being said, here’s the first edition of the weekly podcast roundup.

Podcast Movement 2018

This year’s edition of Podcast movement conference was held this week and there were exciting announcements and stories. Here’s a roundup:

  1. Allaccess had a running coverage of the movement and here are some snippets from their coverage and some interesting stats. According to Rob Walch of Libsyn, Apple is the number one source from which users access podcasts and Spotify is a distant second.
  2. Todd Cochrane of Blubrry urged users to focus on Android which he said represents 12% of the audience.
  3. Monday’s panel also has a discussion about forming a professional podcasting association. This would be a really good idea given the infancy of the podcasting medium. An organization solely dedicated towards the promotion of podcasts would do wonders in increasing listenership.
  4. Tom Webster, SVP of Edison presented the “Podcasting’s Next Frontier: 100 Million Listeners” report. The study threw up a couple of depressing numbers. 37% of listeners admitted to not knowing what a podcast while 48% of the respondents said they don’t know how to listen to a podcast. I haven’t seen the full report and don’t know the methodology used but, will keep my eyes peeled.
  5. All eyes were on Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Google’s product manager who told that the Google Podcasts app would be preloaded on Android phones. This would open up the app to billions of Android users.
  6. On a panel by James Cridland on audience acquisition, Dan Misener of Pacific Content said: “It’s still way too hard… there’s way too much friction”. He advised podcasters to look at things from a perspective of what it would be like for first time podcast listener.
  7. You can read the updates from the final day here.

In a chat on The NZ Tech Podcast, Rob Walch of Libysn says that they are seeing a 5:1 ratio in terms of Apple vs Android. Another statistic which still shocks me in spite of being reported a bazillion times is that Apple is responsible 79% for all the podcasts downloads if you consider all the other apps such as Castbox, Podcast Addict etc which scrape off data from the iTunes directory.

A lesson for podcasters here, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With the entry of Google podcasts, your show can be exposed to thousands of new listeners across the world. Make it easier for people to find your show on Google podcasts. Start by displaying the Google Podcasts (not Google Play Music) badge on your site.

Rob also shared his view on the entry of Google Podcasts, Spotify being the number 2 after Apple, and more. Interestingly, he said that Libsyn is seeing a lot of new podcast listeners from India. Lots of other useful insights including the growing use of private podcasts, smart speakers, the ideal length of a podcast episode, and more.
– NZ Tech Podcast.

What makes a podcast great? Here’s what Jarl Mohn, CEO of NPR had to say. – Radioink

The Knight Center for Journalism is launching a free MOOC course on “How to launch and grow a hit podcast”. The course will be taught by Caitlin Thompson, podcast consultant and co-founder of Racquet magazine; Tobin Low, co-host and co-managing editor of the podcast Nancy; Rose Eveleth, creator and host of the Flash Forward podcast; Jacob Kramer-Duffield, a podcast analytics and audience consultant; and Jennifer Barish, manager of content acquisition at Stitcher Premium. – Knight Center

Anna Bager, EVP of Industry Initiatives for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) spoke to TechHQ about the changing perception of advertisers towards podcast advertising. – TechHQ

Nielsen Marketer’s Guide to Podcasting – 3Q18 by Nielsen. Has a lot of interesting data about the consumption patterns of podcast listeners. You can check out the full report here. We’ll do a post on the report soon.

Email newsletters are one of the most effective tools you have in your arsenal as a podcaster but many don’t leverage them properly. It is an incredibly effective medium to build enduring connections with your audience and solicit active feedback. You might already know Dave Pell, who runs the awesome Next Draft newsletter. He shares some awesome tips on building a successful newsletter in this blog post. – Dave Pell.

New podcast launches

Business Insider has launched a new podcast in association with Sticher called Household Name. The show features surprising stories about some of the biggest and the most well-known brands in the world.

CNBC International has launched a new show called Beyond The Valley. The shows aims to showcase tech stories outside the silicon valley.

Axios, the news publication started by Politico Co-founder Jim Vandehei, is getting into the podcast game. It launched a show titled Pro Rata which covers stories at the intersection of tech, business, and politics in 10 minutes.

Redbull launched a new podcast tilted Nightclubbing. The podcast tells the “Story of nightclubs that have transcended their four walls, through the voices of the owners, DJs, doormen and regulars who spent countless nights inside of them.”

IVM Podcasts has launched a new show called The Colaba Cartel. The series documents what it takes to build a successful restaurant. You can catch the first three episodes here.

Voices from India

The third edition of the Indian podcasters’ virtual meetup has been planned for August 5, 2018 at 5pm IST. Details are in the image attached.

This is on the back of a successful offline meet up of podcasters from Bangalore in July. Here’s a summary of the meetup.

Some great news from The Whickers Radio and Audio funding awards – The Indian motorcycling podcast – Biker Radio Rodcast has made it to the list of five finalists selected for RAFA 2018! Read more here.  

What are we listening to

Rukmini Callimachi of Caliphate on the Longform podcast.
Crowd violence in India – Seen and the Unseen.
Vitalik Buterin on Cryptoeconomics and Markets in Everything on Conversations Tyler Cowen.
John Carreyrou on Breaking Open the Theranos Scandal on Masters In Business with Barry Ritholtz.

Recommendations by Saif Omar, host of the Musafir Stories and I.

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