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Hello podheads, the week that was a pretty interesting one. Now that we have almost a lid on the Spotify news, there were plenty of interesting developments around monetisation and IP. Here’s issue #26.

Spotitify+Gimlet+Anchor = Spanchlet?

Wokay folks, now the megadeal is done and dusted, here are some interesting views from the industry biggies.

Here’s what M.G. Siegler, general partner at Google Ventures who led the investment in Anchor has to say.

I first met co-founders Mike Mignano and Nir Zicherman a few years back, well before GV actually invested. Just the two of them checked the team box right off the bat. Product and timing seemed a bit more murky. But over the subsequent months, they taught me something important: product isn’t necessarily about the product that’s right in front of you. It can be about the ability to iterate on said product; to eventually find that right iteration. 

Steven Goldstein on the The Good, The Bad and the “Who Knows” of the deal.

More time on the platform, less money out, more money in — that’s an appealing triple win. 

While the deal size for both the acquisitions is being speculated, Spotify in its SEC filing said that it paid €300 million ($338.8) in total but didn’t provide a breakup.

Oh and looks like Spotify isn’t wasting any time getting started. It announced the premiere date of “Stay Free: The Story of The Clash”. The 8-part series is being produced in partnership with BBC Studios.

Also: Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber were on Recode Media:

Marco Arment, the creator of Overcast and also an investor in Gimlet discusses the acquisition on the latest episode of his show:

In the meanwhile, Alison Weissbrot of AdExchanger wrote a piece on the advertising angle of these acquisitions

Advertisers won’t see immediate benefits around better targeting and automated buying.

Better targeting and automation won’t come to podcast advertising until a significant chunk of distribution shifts away from Apple.

On the other side

Pandora is another 270-pound gorilla in podcastland. Here’s
Alex White, VP of content and programming at Pandora talking about what the company is up to, the podcast genome project, Pandora’s advertising capabilities, and more.


Slate, last week announced the launch of Supporting Cast, a service that allows podcasters to monetize their shows by setting up membership programs.

In case you aren’t aware, this is essentially turning the company’s Slate Plus program into a service. By subscribing to Slate Plus, subscribers get ad-free shows, extended, and exclusive episodes. In the post announcing Supporting Cast, the company said that Slate Plus now has 50,000 subscribers.

Setting up private feeds to monetize shows is an extremely tedious process. Supporting Cast takes care of everything from setting up feeds, analytics, payments to support, in exchange for a cut.

In the post, Slate also tried to quell anxieties around what this means for the open podcasting ecosystem. Here’s one such excerpt:

What do we think this could mean for the broader podcast landscape? Listeners might worry that we’re helping put their favorite non-Slate podcasts behind a paywall. On the contrary, we expect that the free podcast ecosystem will remain huge and vibrant, and that Supporting Cast will help it to expand. Slate Plus hasn’t led to a wholesale walling off of Slate’s podcasts, but it hasprovided a significant revenue stream that allows us to further invest in content.

Substack had also recently announced that launch of Substack Audio, which essentially allows creators to publish paid podcasts in a newsletter.

Paid Listens

Speaking of monetization, it has been a year since Radio Public announced its Paid Listens program. The way Paid Listens works is, you publish an ad-free episode and Radio Public places ads and pays you for each listen

The company published an update on 1-year of paid listens.

Also read: With new tools, podcast publishers are exploring consumer revenue models. – Max Willens


Hit series Slow Burn, hosted by Leon Neyfakh is getting the TV treatment. TV network EPIX, last week announced a 6 episode docuseries based on the podcast. The TV show is set to premier sometime late 2019.


This is interesting. Will do some digging.


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Curious about how advertising really works in podcasting? Here’s a 3-part explainer by the folks at The Podcast Exchange.

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