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Whatup podheads, this week’s edition is filled with a lot of interesting views from some of the smartest folks in podcastland. Pretty sure, you’ll enjoy this one. Here’s issue #30.

The big picture

The New York Magazine is running a series of articles on podcasting titled “The Great Podcast Rush”. There are some pretty interesting perspectives on the past, present, and the future of the industry. Check out the features here.

Where the dollars lead!

The podcast dude, Nick Quah of Hot Pod was on the Reliable Sources podcast with Brian Stelter. Nick spoke about what the recent deluge of money means for the industry. As usual, Nick was at his brilliant best and this one is a must listen.

I think the thing to watch over the next four of five years is… how does money change the fundamental nature of the medium, and the relationship between the creators and the audiences

Nick Quah, Reliable Sources

In the same vein, Jacob Weisberg and Bethany Mclean of Pushkin industries spoke to Peter Kafka of Recode Media at South By Southwest. This again is a fascinating conversation on all things podcasting. For those of you who’ve forgotten, Jacob Weisberg was the former editor in chief of Slate Group and left to start Pushkin Industries along with Malcolm Gladwell.

Some fresh brew?

It’s been a few weeks since Luminary, the startup which wants to be the “Netflix of podcasts” launched to some hostile reception. Brew, a new Y Combinator supported startup wants to be the same. Just like Luminary, Brew is subscription based and will charge $5 a month.

Unlike Luminary, Brew will be open to all creators who will get paid based on unique listens. This Techcrunch piece has more details.

Worries abound!

It’s big money and silly money season in podcastland. From Spotify’s acquisition of Anchor and Gimlet to $100 million funding deals of Luminary and Himalaya, podcasting is seeing an influx of some serious cash. This has understandably caused some concern among indie podcasters and purists.

Mark Asquith, CEO, and co-founder of Rebel Base Media wrote a really interesting piece on why indie podcasters should chill.

As indie podcasters, nothing changes – we do what we do, we keep producing and serving; we keep listening to our audience and we keep engaging with them.

If we keep doing that, then no-one can touch us, really.

The suits are here!

Corporate America is wisening up to podcasts. According to this piece in the WSJ by Austen Hufford and Patrick McGroarty, 30 companies in the S&P 500 now have podcasts meant for both insiders and for outside consumption. But yeah, some of them well… suck! Austen spoke to Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace about his piece. Check out the conversation:


1. How to grow your membership on Patreon. Jack Conte, founder of Patreon offers some really cool tips on how to grow your memberships.

Oh and Patreon last week announced a new pricing structure. Jack Conte had this to say in Jan:

Patreon needs to build new businesses and new services and new revenue lines in order to build a sustainable business

The new 3 tiered pricing will go live in May for all new users. Existing users will see no changes. This should also hopefully assuage some growth concerns about Patreon. Here’s an interesting excerpt from this Techcrunch article:

Patreon was starving on its 5 percent rate, which some venture capitalists tell me is why they passed on its funding rounds totaling $105 million led by Thrive Capital and Index. Now it might make enough to keep the lights on, retain ownership and maybe even earn a profit one day.

2. The Daily Best is launching “The Last Laugh” hosted by senior writer Matt Wilstein. The show is being produced in association with Himalaya Media and Starburns Audio.

3. Anchor in partnership with Skillshare has launched a free introductory course on podcasting. The company also updated its mobile app to include more analytics.

4. Steve Pratt of Pacific content tracked the top 200 podcasts on Apple podcasts and published some interesting insights. He also published 10 big podcasting takeaways from the 2019 Infinite Dial report.

5. Erik Diehn, the CEO of Sticher was on Yahoo Finance.

6. Podcasting: what Apple should do next. – James Cridland

7. Round 2 of the Google Podcasts creator program is now open for applications.

8. Coming soon: Google podcasts on web, complete with syncing.

9. From its new $38-million home, can radio tastemaker KCRW adapt to a podcast world? – La Times/Randall Roberts

10. This is pretty important and I urge everyone to check this out. How & why to preserve your podcast.

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