Weekly round-up: Onwards and upwards!

Hello podheads, here’s round-up #32.


Edison Research released The highly awaited Podcast Consumer 2019 report. I’d highly recommend checking out the full report. Plenty of insights on the state of podcasting.

Tracking Apple

It looks like Apple is set to make some moves. Apple might be planning to split the iTunes desktop app into separate apps for Music, Podcasts, and books.

Apple Music now has more paying subscribers than Spotify in the US. Apple Music now has 28 million paying subscribers while Spotify has 26 million subscribers. Spotify is way ahead of Apple Music globally though.

This comes amidst Apple’s push to increase revenues from subscription services. It recently announced the launch of Apple TV+, News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Card.

Apple Podcasts for web is now available. Here’s an example.

Also read: Apple has sold lots of music subscriptions — so it thinks it will sell lots of other stuff, too

Spotify watch

The latest episode of Freakonomics features Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify.

The street seems to have given a 👍 to Spotify’s podcasting moves. Here’s how the stock has fared year to date:

Spotify vs S&P 500

Here’s how Spotify’s market capitalization has grown since the IPO:

A chart of Spotify’s marketcap

Smart speakers

Gabe Bullard has a really interesting piece on what smart speakers mean for news publishers and radio. Here’s an interesting excerpt about podcasts:

But podcasts and newscasts aren’t designed to be played via voice command. Radio news bulletins are broadcast at specific times, usually with weather, traffic and other soon-to-be-outdated updates. In podcasting apps, shows compete for eyes before ears—attractive art and episode titles have been found to boost listening for NPR’s shows, according to Charney, and “asking people to choose without those cues seems like a nonstarter.”

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The Athletic is launching 20 exclusive podcasts which will be available only behind its paywall. Sara Fisher/Axios

What Does Podcasting Mean To NPR? – Radio Ink

We believe in podcasting and we invest a lot of money in podcasting. We can build our brand with podcasting. There’s a terrific upside. Podcasts offer us a great opportunity to cross-promote.

Jarl Mohn, CEO of NPR

11 podcasts have been nominated for this year’s Peabody Awards.

The Radio Giant iHeartMedia Prepares for Possible I.P.O. – Ben Sisario and Michael J. de la Merced/NY Times

‘Don’t read this poster. Listen to it’ The Guardian’s new ad campaign for Today in Focus, its daily news podcast. – John McCarthy/The Drum

Bernie Sanders launches Hear The Bern.

Looking for ways to promote your podcast? The good folks over at RadioPublic have launched a new course on podcast marketing. The 21 day course will delivered via email and will cover aspects ranging from podcast websites to DIY podcast networks.


Given that the media landscape is in a constant state of flux, it’s kinda hard to keep track of who owns what. Here’s a really cool infographic of the current media landscape, post the massive acquisitions of Fox by Disney and Time Warner by AT&T. Rani Molla and Peter Kafka/Recode

Another troubled tale of a digital media acquisition gone wrong. A good piece that chronicles what went wrong with Univision’s acquisition of Gizmodo and The Onion. Sahil Patel/Digiday

The Urgent Quest for Slower, Better News. Micheal Luo/The New Yorker

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