Weekly Round-up: Assortments

Hey podheads, ‘twas a pretty slow week in podcastland. But here are the top stories that made some noise. Issue #22

Spotify watch

Spotify had a good 2018. It finally took podcasting seriously, it started spending on podcast originals with stars such as Amy Schumer, Joe Budden among others. It finally opened up podcast submissions to everyone and it also emerged as a defacto #2 for all podcast listens behind Apple.

Well, it wants to spend more on podcasts and also finally start selling ads to make some moolah. I’ve written about the notorious difficulty of cutting it out in the music business and the low margins in previous issues. Anyway, Here’s a piece by Sarah Perez of Techcruch which pieces all these developments together

Think about what we’ve done around music — the more understanding you have around the music you stream, the more we can personalize the ad experience. Now we can take that to podcasts.

Brian Benedik, VP and Global Head of Advertising Sales at Spotify

Speaking of originals, Former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill will launch a podcast on Spotify.

Matters of importance

Even if you remotely follow the startup scene globally, then Marc Andreessen needs no introduction. If you don’t know him, then he is one of the earliest internet entrepreneurs and also a legendary investor. In a recent conversation involving his co-founder Ben Horowitz with economist Tyler Cowen at The George Mason University, he made a rather delicious assertion – “Audio will be titanically important”. Here’s a link to the episode and I’d highly recommend listening to it.

Matters of debate

The two most common truism you’ll hear in podcastland are – “anybody can create a podcast” and “podcasts have a discovery problem”. Neither of them are quite false, but there’s more to it than the headlines. In this post Hunter Walk, Partner at Homebrew had this to say about product pitches on podcast discovery:

These are all wonderful ideas but they are at best features, not products or companies. 

It’s a short but quite a thought-provoking post, do read through. Also, check out the comments on this tweet from some great perspectives:

Voices from India

Puliyabaazi, the Hindi podcast on policy, politics, tech and more by
Pranay Kotasthane and Saurabh Chandra turned 1 this week. Congrats guys and here’s to many more.
Here’s a profile of the podcast by Damini Kulkarni on Scroll.

The 4th edition of the Bangalore Podcasters’ Meetup took place this week and it was quite a turnout 🙂

In bytes

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark of My Favorite Murder fame who started their new network, Exactly Right are launching four new shows. – Vulture

Oh…podcasts are having a serious shortage of guests in America. Over 250 million Americans are now having trouble finding podcast guests. – The Onion

Here are the 6 teams chosen to be part of the Google Podcasts Creator Program. – PRX

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