The Weekly Podcasting Roundup

There’s a lot said and written about podcasts, but reality, most often than not is stranger than fiction. In this manifesto – Tom Webster, SVP, Edison Research, talks about what it takes to hit 100 million weekly podcast listeners. He takes a data-driven approach to dispel a lot of misconceived but pernicious notions about podcasting. – Tom Webster

Some exciting news about Android Auto. Users reported seeing the Google Podcasts app on Android Auto. The app doesn’t seem to be fully functional but it looks like an official announcement is imminent. – GSM Arena

Broadcaster E.W. Scripps announced its results and reported that the combined revenues from Sticher and Midroll grew by 50 percent. Scripps betting big on podcasts and had acquired both Sticher and Midroll at couple of years ago. – [a]list

Interesting piece on how journalists are using podcasts. – LA Times

Abhinandan Sekhri from Newslaundry moderated a panel at Media Rumble 2018 titled ‘Will Audio kill the Video star?’ with Amit Doshi (IVM podcasts), Christopher Lydon (father of the podcast) and Geeta Pandey (BBC India). You can watch the full session here.

Building a successful podcast is incredibly hard. Takes years of toil and a whole lot of luck to build a self-sustaining show. But curiously, podcasters tend to ignore some rather crucial things which end up being detrimental to their success. Here’s my piece on the six greatest sins of podcasters.

Voices from India

Storiyoh – the social podcast app, made in India, is now live! Storiyoh is a new way to discover, listen, curate, and share your favourite shows. You can now create your own community around podcast discovery and consumption. This is the first such platform in India. The app is available both for Android and iOS platforms. Learn more about Storiyoh here.

New launches

BBC World service makes its debut in India with the popular Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin’s My Indian life. In this series, Kalki follows real stories of the life of young Indian adults growing up in the 21st century. The first episode covers the life of Ehsan Hilal, a young male belly dancer who grew up in a conservative Muslim family, his challenges and his fight against all odds to follow his calling.

India’s premier podcast network, IVM podcasts is set to launch five new shows this August. You can check them out here.

The team behind In the field, a podcast about development, progress and social change, is creating a new podcast. The show titled Sea Change – explores societal change in the digital age and how to make an impact on the world we live in. This show is being created in association with Societal platform and Vakku.

What are we listening to?

Business Wars explores the fascinating rivalries of some of the biggest companies on the planet. I binged on the episodes chronicling the Nike vs. Adidas rivalry and gotta say, it’s was hard to stop listening.

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg was on Recode Decode with Kara Swisher. Matt spoke about the origins and the success of WordPress, the current state of news and more. Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.

Order 9066 – A brilliant serialized, first-person account of stories of the infamous incarceration of Japanese Americans during the Second World War.

History of India podcast – This wonderful take on Indian history, starting from the 6th century by the ‘bumbling’ historian, Kit Patrick is a fun way of learning Indian history.

Armchair expert featuring John Favreau – lot of great insights on what it is to be the speech writer of former President Barrack Obama! The host Dax Sheperd has an in-depth conversation with John Favreau, host of “Pod Save America” about his life, left leaning stand, his big break writing speeches for President Obama and his latest podcast about the Democratic party – The Wilderness.

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