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Hello podheads! When I started Podtalk, the idea with the Voices From India segment was to chronicle whatever little was happening in the Indian podcasting scene with help from Saif. It was a small part of the Weekly Round-up, which in hindsight was odd. But starting this edition, we decided to break it out separately – a new start if you will. A new and rebooted issue #1

So every fortnight, Saif and I will try to cover all the rumblings, in Indian podcastland. We’ll also try to talk to Indian creators and hopefully, get them to share their podcasting experiences and more. But we also know that this won’t be possible just by the 2 of us and we need your help. If you have any updates about anything podcasting, or if you want to write about your experiences, hit us up on Twitter or write to hello@podhead.co.  


IVM Podcasts, India’s premier podcast network celebrated its 4th anniversary earlier this month. IVM has been nothing short of a pioneer in creating podcasts in India. It has played a huge role in bringing podcasts into the mainstream in India, which seems primed to hit critical mass. We wish the team at IVM all the best for the future.

NRI Woman podcast celebrates its first anniversary. A big shout out to the wonderful hosts Ninorah and Bettina for bringing wonderful stories and voices of Indian women who are doing extraordinary things away from home. Kudos gals!  


Hubhopper studio

Hubhopper, an Indian platform for podcasts launched Hubhopper Studio. The feature allows podcasters to upload, host, and distribute podcasts 

Podcasters will have a choice to make the podcast:
1. Exclusively available on Hubhopper free of cost, while receiving marketing, distribution, and monetization support or
2. Available on all other platforms like Apple podcasts, Google podcast etc, free of cost. You can reach out to the Hubhopper guys on info@hubhopper.com.

Delhi meetup hosted by Proto

Earlier this month, Proto, a civic media research and training organization hosted a podcasters meetup in Delhi. which had a strong turnout. Some of the topics discussed included resources for starting up, programming, the state and potential of the Indian industry, and of course, monetization.      

Are we illuminated?

Here’s what the Indian creators think about Luminary Media. Plenty of insights in the thread.  

Spotify watch

Music streaming service Spotify which launched to much fanfare in India said that signed up a million users across its free and paid tiers within a week of its launch. Here’s a Google Trends graph which show the search interest for Spotify in India.


Team Suno India’s podcast on the Indian electoral process “Every vote matters was featured in The Hindu’s fortnightly column on podcasts by Usha Raman.

Gulf News featured the hosts of NRI Woman podcast, talking about their journey and objective of the podcast.

Outlook India covered the Indian podcasting scene and how the ways of information consumption are changing in this digital world in a piece titled “All you need is Radio Ga Ga” with snippets from some Indie podcasters as well!      

The new tribe of podcasters in India believes public radio isn’t meant only for the wine-and-cheese class. Increasingly, they are experimenting with diverse genres such as Indian history, beer adventures, wordplay, public policy, pop culture and children’s stories to appeal to a diverse set. A spurt in podcast networks over the past three years has also helped new actors host, distribute and monetise their content.

New shows

Good for construction

A show about architecture and architects from India brought to Eesha Bajaj. Season 1 covers the journey of young and aspiring architects from college to entrepreneurship. The longform conversations focussing on the trials and tribulations this young crop of entrepreneurs are thoroughly illuminating, even if you aren’t an architect.

The fourth seat podcast

A raw, freewheeling conversation between 3 overseas Indians is sure to take you down the memory lane with a generous dose of nostalgia and banter. Topics range from sports and politics to food and life in Mumbai. The innate chemistry between the hosts makes the listener feel a part of the conversation, definitely a podcast to check out.

1 in 20000

A very novel concept for a podcast by team Suno India of Dear Pari fame. 1 in 20000 is India’s first podcast on rare diseases. Hosted by Avantika Shrivastava, the podcast focuses on over 7,000 documented rare conditions in the world. It chronicles the lack of awareness, the gamut of challenges, and how people with these rare conditions are coping and overcoming these challenges. Kudos team #SunoIndia.

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