Weekly roundup: Matters of debate

We are a week away from pulling the curtains down on the year and it has been an eventful year, to say the least. I hope you guys had a good one. This will be the last roundup for the year and coincidentally the 20th roundup. A small little milestone 🙂 Thanks for reading my long rants, coherent and incoherent ones alike.

Thought of doing a list of year-end listicles and summaries etc. But the smarter folk have done a phenomenal job of that and I didn’t think I could do a better job. What I am instead going to do is talk to the people actually making the magic happen about the year that was and is going to be at the beginning of the new year so, stay tuned. Here’s roundup #20. See you podheads next year and happy holidays 🎅

merry christmas GIF
Holidays special