Weekly round-up: Getting down to business

Hey podheads, what a week it was! Developments this past week will indelibly alter the podscape for better or for worse. For the first time in the history of podcast, headlines with millions in it were thrown around like nobody’s business. Here’s issue #25.

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Weekly Roundup: Dollar signs

Advertising watch

A lot of developments in the podcasting space. The bottom line? The players are positioning themselves to take advantage of the eventual goldrush, which they believe is a foregone conclusion. Roundup #17. 

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Weekly Roundup: Inspiration From Books, Podcast Genome Project, An Open Internet Success Story, And More

This was a pretty news-heavy week but here are some of the most important stories.

Between the pages

Steve Pratt, co-founder of Pacific Content had an interesting piece where he writes about how podcasts have more in common with books than any other medium. He says that podcasters should start flipping pages to find inspiration for their podcasts. Authors starting their podcasts, books being adapted into podcasts, and also the opposite is nothing new. But clearly, there seems to be some increased activity.

Wednesday Books and Macmillan launched a podcast – The Girls to promote the upcoming young adult novel – Sadie. Macmillan has also been in the podcasting game for quite some time now.

Kevin Allison, host of the award-winning show Risk! has written a book by the same name. The book is a collection of stories from his podcast. Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball, The Big Short and liars poker among others is also set to launch a new podcast with Slate.

The post by Pratt puts all this in context. This article on WSJ has more on this trend.

Keep it open!

The debate about the virtues of an open vs a closed podcast ecosystem will rage on for a long time. But there is no denying that podcasting is one of the greatest success stories of the decentralized Internet. In this article, John Bergmayer writes about how podcasting has shown the value of an open Internet.

Desert bloom

Podcasting seems to be gaining popularity in the Arab world. Given the stifled media industry in this part of the world, this article came as a bit of a surprise

One thing is clear, the podcast scene in the Middle East, although small, is alive and well. And it is growing. Building on the passion of these pioneers, others feel emboldened to enter the fray.

dollar signs

A couple of developments in the world of membership platforms. Patreon has acquired Memberful for an undisclosed sum. Patreon is a platform that allows creators to collect money from their fans. The platform has become a vital source of revenue for a lot of podcasters. Memberful works in a similar way but it is a white-label platform which requires some effort in setting it up, unlike Patreon.

This move by Patreon may have been necessitated in part due to the latest moves by Facebook and YouTube which have added subscription options for creators. The Wired has more on this.

Anchor the podcasting platform that makes creating and publishing podcasts ridiculously easy has added a listener support feature. The feature similar to Patreon allows creators to collect recurring payments from their listeners. Anchor after the recent debacle about its terms and conditions has made moves that are sure to garner some brownie points among the podcasting community.

The company recently opened up a full-fledged studio in Manhattan where anyone can record their shows. It hopes to expand to other cities.


The Verge reports that Pandora’s Podcast Genome Project could launch by the end of the year.

“Pandora created personalized music discovery — that doesn’t exist in podcasts,” Lynch says. “You might look at a chart, you might see what your friends are [listening to]. There’s nothing personalized about that. We’re building for podcasts what we did for music, which is the podcast genome. So that we can present to you, as a Pandora listener, a personalized experience that will delight you just like we do with music.”

The Podcast Genome Project seems to be inspired by the company’s Music Genome Project. This was part of the company’s efforts to offer better music recommendations. As part of this project, a team of trained musicologists at Pandora listen to music and rate the songs based on hundreds of different musical attributes.

Pandora had announced The Podcast Genome Project earlier this year. Roger Lynch, the CEO of the company had said that it is working on integrating podcasts on its platform.

The company is working on a deep integration of podcasts that will allow users of the service to easily browse and discover new shows.

Pandora is also looking to offer podcasters monetization options that will be superior to the current state of podcast advertising. Currently, many podcasters still rely on ads that they read themselves on air, Lynch said. “It is not the most effective advertising model.”

Pandora with over 75 million subscribers, if serious, can do a lot of good for podcasts. It does seem to be betting big on podcasts. Lynch, speaking to Yahoo Finance earlier this year had said that

In the car, 80 percent of listening is music, while 20 percent is other stuff. As a service, if you don’t have that 20 percent, it doesn’t mean you capture the 80 percent, because then people will just stay on their FM Radios. But if you can create audio content for people that gets packaged with the music content in a way that doesn’t give them a reason to go back to that FM dial, then you capture much more than just the spoken word.

Although Pandora is available only in the US, this can be a mini Google Podcasts moment for podcasting.

Hey Speaker, play me a podcast

The rising popularity of smart speakers is one of the most exciting developments in podcasting. A recent study by Edison Research and NPR found that 18% of American 18+ now own a smart speaker. Tom Webster, Senior VP for Edison Research, spoke to Erica Farber of the Radio on Main Street Podcast about the developments in this space.

In The Spotlight

We had a fascinating chat with Shankar and Vishnu, the hosts of the Writer & Geek Show. You can check out the full conversation here.

Voices from India

hubhopper, a content aggregation platform, has recently added podcasts to its offering. The hubhopper app is available for both iOS or Android platforms. hubhopper has also recently started a drive for original/hubhopper branded podcasts. If you are a podcaster interested in partnering with hubhopper for new or existing shows, write to lanu@hubhopper.in. 

Past Events: The 3rd edition of The Indian Podcasters’ Virtual meetup was held recently with some great sessions from Rahul Nair of Storiyoh (a session on “Power of connected users and the next billion podcast listeners”) and Chhavi Sachdev from Sonologue (session on “using the right hardware and software to record podcasts”). You can access the full recording of the virtual meetup here.

Passion People Podcast is back with Season 2. The conversations continue with passionate people who are doing extraordinary things in their lives. This Season of the show will feature the stories of not for profits from around the globe such as  , Lets Open a Book, KnowYourStar, entrepreneurs from Royal Brothers, and Earth Loaf Chocolate. You can listen to the season 2 preview here with Musafir Stories and the Writer and Geek Show.

Resources: If you are looking to discover local content, make sure to check out the India podcast directory. Shout out to @notrueindian for building this invaluable resource beneficial to both listeners and creators.

IVM podcasts is hiring. If podcasting is your thing, and you are looking to work in Mumbai, IVM podcasts is hiring a Podcast producer. More details here.

New Launches

The Colaba Cartel, an exclusive ten-part series about setting up a restaurant in Mumbai, hosted by Gauri Devidayal of The Table, and Amit Doshi of IVM podcasts was launched this week. The podcast became the first Indian podcast to be released live from Twitter India’s #BlueRoom. You can watch the launch here.

The Kinetic Living with Urmi Kothari is a podcast about positive energy, a fit body and a balanced lifestyle. In the first Episode Urmi talks to Kubbra Sait of Sacred Games fame.

The SpotboyE podcast is all about conversations with top Bollywood actors, directors and those who bring movies to life. Listen in to catch up with cool guests like Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Ishaan Khattar, Rajkumar Hirani, and many more. You can listen to all nine episodes here.

Cliff Asness, Founding Principal, AQR Capital Management, launched a new podcast called “The Curious Investor“. If you are a finance geek, this podcast should high on your list.

This is a beautiful example of how podcasts are being used to create societal impact. Andrew Reed, a filmmaker based in Chattanooga has started a new podcast called “My Own Two“. The podcast shines the light on the homeless in the city and their stories.


Slow Burn, Season 2: The Clinton Impeachment Saga – Leon Neyfakh is back with season 2.  The season of the Slate production was a runaway success. The first season covered the Watergate Scandal. In Season 2, he delves deeper into the plots and subplots of the Clinton impeachment saga.

Freakonomics Radio featuring Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo – As Indra Nooyi prepares to step down in the fall of this year, Freakonomics look back at this episode where she shares how she saw the company through a global financial meltdown, tackling activist investors, working 20-hr days, seven days a week, being a female CEO of the global behemoth and more. The end of an era!

Indian Noir Season 1, His Night Begins – A gripping and slick serialized crime thriller about India’s criminal underbelly and sex-trafficking syndicates. Written, narrated, and produced by Commonwealth Short Story Prize and DWL Story Prize-winning writer Nikesh Murali, this one’s a must-have on your playlist.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – If you are a history buff then this podcast is a must listen. This is a narrative longform show about some of the most important historical events. Intense and gripping.

The Express Adda Podcast – This conversation veteran journalist Mark Tully with Seema Chishti, The Indian Express’s Deputy Editor is incredibly insightful. Mark talks about journalism – past and present, his experiences during some of India’s most pivotal moments, which I found to be thoroughly educational.

Saif Omar, the host of the Musafir Stories Podcast, contributes actively to these roundups and this wouldn’t have been possible without him. Thank you, Saif!

As always, we would love to hear from you. If you want to talk to us about anything even remotely connected to podcasts, write to us at hello@podhead.co.

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