Weekly Recommendations: Issue 8

Here are the recommendations for the week. 

Recapping the best of Cyrus Says as the show celebrates 300 episodes. 
Cyrus says ft Rahul Bose

A longtime friend of Cyrus, the two share an amazing chemistry which clearly comes off on the podcast. Keep an ear out for Rahul’s amazing impressions of Bengali people, especially his version of Bengali football commentary, an absolute delight.

Cyrus says ft Neha Dhupia 

This conversation with Neha Dhupia, Bollywood actress and the host with #NoFilterNeha was brilliant. Especially her aeroplane stories.

Cyrus Says ft Amit Varma

When Cyrus interviewed journalist and host of the popular ‘The Seen and the Unseen‘ podcast, way too much awesomeness for one episode. Amit and Cyrus go back to their days at MTV (yep, Amit Varma was the one to coin MTV’s ‘Bakra’).  Cyrus discusses Amit’s poker career and more.

Billy Bob Thornton — WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Billy Thornton is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood today. But the actor came from really humble beginnings. In this episode, Marc Maron talks to Billy about his childhood, his Hollywood beginnings, struggles and more. A whole of film history in this episode. 

If you love Billy but haven’t watched his latest show Goliath, then go watch it…immediately! If you don’t know who Billy Bob Thornton is, then shame on you. 

This week, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of podcasts out there. If you are interested in finance and the markets or if you are an investor then you might have heard about an instrument called an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

I track this space and was surprised that there is a show called ETF Prime, which is all about ETFs. I found this show because of the following episode on Masters In Business

Now the next two recommendations are not for everybody. But, the topic of these episodes has changed the way how trillions of dollars have been invested. And no, that’s not a random number. 

If you are interested in finance or if you are investing in the markets then you will thoroughly enjoy the episodes. But if you aren’t then, I think it is high time you are aware of what an ETF is. 

David Nadig Discusses the Future of ETFs 

In this episode, Barry Ritholtz talks David Nadig, CEO of ETF.com about the past, present, and future of ETFs. This humble little instrument has revolutionized the way people and institutions alike invest. 

Consider this, by buying a unit of ETF which trades on a stock exchange like like Apple or Amazon, you get exposure to the entire stock market. To put that in context, a total market ETF can own as many as many as 3000+ stocks.

This is an absolutely fascinating conversation. 

ETF Prime Smart Beta ETFs: Useful Tools or Smart Marketing?

The second in the series of ETF based podcasts is this episode on Smart Beta ETFs. I found this podcast because I was Googling David Nadig after I heard his conversation with Barry Ritholtz. 

Apart from the plain vanilla ETFs, there is something called as a Smart Beta ETF. This is a catch-all term for many types of funds but, here’s the definition by Investopedia

A smart Beta ETF is a type of exchange-traded fund that uses alternative index construction rules instead of the typical cap-weighted index strategy, in a transparent way. …Smart Beta ETFs are ideal for investors hoping to maximize their income and returns and minimize risk.

This episode dissects the meaning, strategies used and the utility of Smart Beta ETFs. 

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