Weekly Recommendations: Issue 8

Here are some awesome recommendations for the week. 

Behind The Bastards: Erik Prince

Donald Trump has one of the greatest collection of crazies. But Erik Prince is probably on the most dangerous crazies in that group. Erik Prince is the former founder and CEO private security company Blackwater. The company is most famous for the war crimes it committed during the Iraq War.

Erik is a colourful character, to say the least. His greatest hits include war crimes, a plan to privatize the war in Afghanistan, a plan to create his own Airforce, a plan to create a private spy network for Donald Trump among a litany of others. 

These 2 episodes of Behind The Bastards explore the life and times of one of the most famous mercenaries ever

Acquired: Kara Swisher

Kara Swisher is the editor at large of Recode and one of the biggest names in the world of tech journalism. She is known for her amazing reporting on some of the biggest issues in the world of tech. She is also an amazing interviewer and her show, Recode Decode has interviews with who’s who of the tech world. She is perhaps most famous for Making Poor Mark Zuckerberg sweat in his chair during his interview. 

On this episode of Acquired, Kara talks about her early days, her time at the WSJ, thoughts on current state of Journalism and a whole lot more. 

Project Syndicate: Ten Years After the Crisis

This September marked that tenth anniversary of the 2008 global financial crisis. This was the worst economic crisis since the great depression of 1929. The crisis which was in large part due to excesses of the financial system led to millions of people losing their homes and jobs. The crisis not only destroyed lives but also brought the entire global financial system to its knees. 

Today, millions around the world still haven’t recovered from the devasting effects of the crisis. It also led to a phase of monetary adventurism never seen before in the history of mankind. Although we are better off today compared to 2008, we still continue to grapple with the after effects. 

In this episode, the biggest and most accomplished name in economics such as Jeffrey Sachs, Angus Deaton, Robert Shiller, and others talk about what we did and didn’t learn from the crisis.

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