Weekly Recommendations: Issue 5

Here are the recommendations for the week. 

Kalki presents: My Indian life

On this episode, Kalki talks to the rocket scientist, BP Dakshayani. This rocket lady’s team part of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission tracked and guided the satellite. 

Ear Hustle: So Long

Find out what an exit interview while leaving prison sounds like on this final episode of the bold show that brings stories of life inside prison, sometimes sad, sometimes chilling.

Stay tuned with Preet – The Russian strategy with Garry Kasparov 

Did you know that one of the world’s greatest chess player is also one of the most vocal critics of one of the world’s most powerful man – Vladimir Putin? Former US attorney Preet Bharara talks to Garry Kasparov.

Part One & Two: Charles Koch: The Luke Skywalker of Rich People

Charles and David Koch are two leading figures in the US Conservative politics. They are widely reviled on the left and by some on the right for their beliefs. They are infamous for spending billions of dollars to elect officials of their choice through their vast network of shadowy organizations and super PACs . These two episodes which trace the bloody and convoluted history are sure to make your stomach churn. 

The Wolf Den – Marco Arment

Last week we recommended this episode even without listening because we knew that the episode would be amazing and we were right. Marco in this substantiative chat with Lex Friedman discusses dynamic ad insertion, the value of open podcasting, the role of apple, Overcast, and his professional history with Lex. Marco pulled no punches and was brutally honest about his views about podcasting and also about Midroll, the parent company of Sticher. 

Unstructured – Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson, Podcast Hall Of Famer and the host of School Of Podcasting talks about the state of podcasting, dumb things podcasters do, Anchor, and more. 

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