Weekly Round-up: Mixed feelings

Hey Podheads, hope you guys had a good holiday break. This was a slow week and there were no earth-shattering headlines but there were a few stories which kinda made you think about the space. Here’s the first issue (#21) of 2019:

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A list of Indian podcast episodes that we enjoyed listening to the most

What a year 2018 was for podcasts globally. We saw an action-packed year right from a flurry of numbers indicating growth in audiences to the entry of Google and Pandora to acquisitions, reorganizations, re-shuffles, and exits. The Indian scene although not as exciting and fast-paced still saw some activity. We saw some big names such as Moneycontrol and Indian Express launch podcasts. IVM – the premier podcasting company expanded its roster and now has a show on pretty much everything. We also saw a spate of launches from independent podcasters. Here’s hoping that more podcasters join they fray and keep this momentum going.

All things considered, we were spoilt for choice in terms of things to listen to. So, Saif and I decided to compile a list of podcast episodes we enjoyed listening to the most in 2018. Here they are in no particular order:

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One list to list them all

Well, it’s that time of the year when everybody publishes a list about podcasts. From the biggest publishers to pretentious podcast consultants. Not me! Instead, here’s a curated list of the best lists…the one true list!

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Weekly roundup: Matters of debate

We are a week away from pulling the curtains down on the year and it has been an eventful year, to say the least. I hope you guys had a good one. This will be the last roundup for the year and coincidentally the 20th roundup. A small little milestone 🙂 Thanks for reading my long rants, coherent and incoherent ones alike.

Thought of doing a list of year-end listicles and summaries etc. But the smarter folk have done a phenomenal job of that and I didn’t think I could do a better job. What I am instead going to do is talk to the people actually making the magic happen about the year that was and is going to be at the beginning of the new year so, stay tuned. Here’s roundup #20. See you podheads next year and happy holidays 🎅

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Holidays special

Weekly Roundup: Dollar signs

Advertising watch

A lot of developments in the podcasting space. The bottom line? The players are positioning themselves to take advantage of the eventual goldrush, which they believe is a foregone conclusion. Roundup #17. 

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Weekly Roundup: Taking stock

Hello podheads, decided to take a short break last week. I spent the whole time watching the paint dry on my freshly painted wall. A terribly unexciting endeavor but a rewarding one nonetheless. Roundup #16. 

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